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Electrician Sherman Oaks specializes in high-performance, eco-friendly, cost-effective solar solutions for residential, commercial, nonprofit, and institutional applications. We provide the latest in renewable photovoltaic energy.
Got Sun? Get Solar!

                  Let the sun pay your electric bills! Electrician Sherman Oaks can show you how.

Solar consumers are eligible for federal, State, and Utility tax incentives for the purchase and installation of eligible solar systems. The total federal investment tax credit for residential system owners is 30% of the total system cost.  The current State incentive amount to residential customers is $1.62 Per Watt.

Our solar system teams have contributed over 5 years of solar installations and work highly in the industry to make your meter run backwards. When our customer’s solar system produces more energy than they use, the excess energy is calculated through a separate meter and is credited on their electric bill. Electrician Sherman Oaks uses highly trained engineers to calculate the most efficient way of installing solar for maximum output while staying low on initial system costs. We use the highest quality solar PV modules that last over 30 years with little to no maintenance. That’s why we offer a minimum 10-year system warranty on all our solar installations.

How big do I need?
The size of the solar system is dependent of several factors including how much electricity you use, how much hot water/heat, the size of your roof, how much do you plan to invest, and how much energy you plan to generate. Contact Electrician Sherman Oaks to schedule a free analysis of your existing space and determine what size and type of systems are available to return the best financial return.

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